Energy is everything and everything is energy. We want to highlight our communities and the stories, events, and creatives they produce. Connecting people and sharing stories is how we keep the vibrationz of hope, joy, triumph, and love strong within us. With over 15 years of combined experience in the arts world, we at K.T.V media have seen first hand the significance of platforms that inspire, inform and motivate through creative content.

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Live Stream

No more need for expensive venues to fit hundreds of guests.

We will live stream your event straight to your audience through your website or channel. Think IG live, but professional sound and lighting with secure ticketing. Contact us to find out how you can live stream your next concert, open mic, album release party, wedding ceremony, or business launch from ANYWHERE!


Providing space for creatives to share their work is our mandate.

KTV Live

Shining a spotlight on Canadian Performing Arts, these virtual shows will bring artists from the studio and straight into your living room. Join us as we sit down with the hottest performers, producers and dancers working to keep the vibez nice! Watch HERE!

Tip of the Mother Tongue Open Mic. This platform is yours to express yourself and all the beautiful and different parts of your identity in a safe and meaningful way.

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Connecting People and Sharing Stories